The Problem

Our target works hard and saves a lot, but they are not investing their assets because they do not realize the true benefits, so they simply keep working.


Our target wants more free time, but keep working hard and do not see the potential in their assets.

They do not realize that creating an investment plan will allow them to get more out of their time and spend it the way they want to.


Show Mass Affluent Canadians that spending their time doing what they love is attainable.

With just a little change in routine and some guidance from friendly Scotiabank advisors, our target will be able to make a plan for the future that helps them enjoy their precious time.

The Message

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can
be doing is spending time doing what you love.

It’s ok to enjoy your time.

When you get the right guidance and invest with Scotiabank, making the right choices for your
future, you’ll be able to do just that.

Campaign Tagline

Sometimes, the most valuable time is You Time.

OR simply…

“You Time”

Campaign Overview

TV Spot

Transit Advertising

Full Wall Sticker - Placed inside high traffic subway station platforms, stickered onto the wall.
Top and bottom of the ad will reach floor and ceiling.

Print - Magazines / Newspapers

Newspapers: Metro, 24Hrs, The Globe & Mail, National Post.
Magazines: (based on our target) such as Macleans, Time, Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest.
(Also compatible with digital publication.)

Direct Mail

Door Hangers hung in the neighbourhoods of our target, selected by zoning.

Website (Takeover)

A background of interchanging images that show ordinary people doing things they love.

In-Branch - Opt-In

The iPad Kiosk: 
Available for people to check-in for their appointment upon arrival. After checking in, it will give the to option to opt into our watch giveaway contest.

In-Branch Brochure:
Offered to customers during their appointment with their investment advisor.

Attachable Takeaway:
Given to customers after appointment, attached to a small gift of gratitude (such as a bath gift set, candles, golf balls, etc...)