"I'm not sure if I'll die or not if I eat that."

If this has ever run through your mind, you're probably part of that small percentage of unlucky folk that have been strapped down by the inability to have gluten, dairy, soy, or have even just adapted to a healthier / vegan lifestyle. And perhaps you feel at a loss or alienated at all the mainstream grocery stores... like, "Where the hell is my corn bread?" Am I right? Well, that's where Rawr comes in. Rawr is just for you! Come on, let me show you around.

The Food Store

The Rawr food store is where people can shop in a rustic, local organic, grocery store that's interactively laid out by the type of diet opposed to the typical "food type" layout.

The Bistro

The bistro allows guests to order from the seasonal menu, or bring their own bought ingredients from the food store and have  specially trained chefs can create new recipes for them to eat and take home!

Key Components of the Brand & Campaign

Below you'll find a summary of the branding and campaign work that went into developing the Rawr brand. If you're totally into it, you can find the full Branding & Campaign Presentation here and the official Rawr Look Book here.


At the point of sale we have designed the check-out counter, as well as purchasable reusable shopping bags, takeaway calendars, and even give our customers the option of choosing an emailed receipt to save paper.


Our takeaway calendars feature annual local food market events / locations, and information about the fruits that are currently in season.


In our bistro, guests can choose to either order from our featured seasonal menu, or bring food that they just purchased from our food store and have our chefs create something unique for them - to stay or to take on the go.