What Is This?

This is an online and digital campaign promoting the legendary Celine Dion's album "Loved Me Back to Life." This campaign includes the use of online, mobile, and social media to engage users to participate in a contest driven by the basis of social media sharing.

The Ask

Celine hadn't recorded an English album is six years until this one released in 2013. We had to get fans engaged again and have them help us pump it up by sharing with their own friends and family. And what better way to pump up Celine Dion fans than an awesome contest?

An Overview of the Campaign

Participants will begin by signing up (for free) for Team Celine, Celine Dion's official fan club, which will track their incoming shares and help participants keep track of points and their rank. An interactive sharing screen will allow users to seamlessly share album content with their friends.

The basic premise is: the more you share, the more points you'll garner, and the higher your chances will get for your change to meet Celine Dion herself! (As indicated in the preview of the top three prizes.) A variety of song samples and promo videos will be provided for participants to share.

Trivia will be posed through Twitter and Facebook while Celine Dion is doing promotional appearances / events. Answering questions correctly will allow participants to garner more points. This promotes participates to gather people to watch said promotional appearances, thus more potential shares.

At the end of the contest, a winner will be announced and one lucky participant will get the opportunity to go on an all-inclusive trip to see Celine Dion live in Las Vegas with a VIP package and a special backstage meet and greet with the diva herself!