What is This?

The forest can’t defend itself. That’s why Greenpeace and two campaigners refused to be silenced by a $7 million lawsuit by Resolute Forest Products for standing up to their reckless clear-cutting of Canada’s Boreal forest - and this is where the Stand For Forests campaign made its launch.

The Ask

Develop creative ways to get people to sign the Stand for Forests petition so that we can send it to Resolute to show them how many people are opposed to their reckless ways in hopes of getting them to change.

An Overview of the Campaign

SFF Campaign_Piece1.jpg


Through the power of social media platforms, and great visual stimuli, Greenpeace was able to garner tens of thousands of petition signatures towards the Stand For Forests campaign.


After enough attention was garnered through social media, Greenpeace started asking people to tie green ribbons around trees and to submit their photos to show support and solidarity for the Stand For Forest campaign. Social media exploded once again.